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Mauritian-Chinese Cultural Society of Victoria (MCSV) has been in operation for over twelve years for the purpose of bringing the Mauritian-Chinese community in Victoria together and share all the cultural practices and benefits among all its members and family.


The Club was incorporated in 2007 and has a well stated mission statement defined in its own constitution enacted under the Associations Incorporation Act 1981.


There is a committee team represented by a number of financial members of the club, to run the day to day operational activities in promoting the various events during the year. The committee team with the support of the current President meets at least four times during the year to plan and coordinate all the pre-event activities to ensure each event is a success among its members.

We believe everyone can embrace who they are,
can join the club, and make new ever lasting friends.

What we do

MCSV organise a number of cultural events during festive seasons like Chinese New Year dance, Moon festival and Christmas party.  The Club also organises social activities like Family BBQ in the park, club anniversary dinner, zumba dancing, fishing, badminton, clay target shooting, buffet lunches, soccer, dancing lessons, cooking classes, winter ski trips, interstate travel among others.

Our Mission

Our Vision

  • To promote Mauritian-Chinese culture.

  • To create an opportunity to establish contact and networking through social gatherings and sport activities.

  • To have a venue to allow families, young and elderly to gather for diverse activities.

  • To promote a spirit of friendship, community and awareness of our cultural heritage.

  • To encourage members in sharing knowledge and experience in all fields and encourage elderly to participate in activities and outings.

  • To cooperate with the Australian and Mauritian government bodies and other agencies and

  • To participate in activities conducive to the promotion of the Association’s objectives.

We Need Your Support Today!

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